At Tapto Prosperity, we are interested in your long term financial prosperity and well-being. Thus, we enable you by providing factually correct information for a fee. We are not (at all) interested in selling you a financial product. Rather, we create financial plans, review existing portfolios and answer queries for you – based on your present socio-economic conditions and financial risk profile – to help you meet your goals. And highlight both positive and negative aspects of various investment options, to enable you make informed decisions about your money.

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Financial Planning

Looking for stress free financial life, you can get one by personalized financial advice.
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Portfolio Review and Verification

Your Investment portfolio is not giving you desired returns .Get it reviewed and fixed.
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Confused or unsure about financial market and products? Contact us for correct advise.
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Let's Define..Future together..

Asset Allocation Part – IV : Introduction to Commodities

Commodities are products that come from earth.  Common commodities are wheat, rice, gold, silver, copper, iron, crude...

Asset Class Part – III : Introduction to Fixed income or Debt Instruments

In order for a business to grow it needs money to buy plant and machinery or invest in new product development. Business...

Asset Classes Part – II : Introduction to currency

Evolution of currency can be linked with the evolution of trade. During early days people used barter system for trading....



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