Ask a Question service is about providing you correct unbiased advice for any of your doubts and queries regarding handling of money, savings, personnel finance, mutual funds, insurance, gold, land, other investments, debt management, stocks, taxes, portfolio management, or what-to-do-next. This service is designed to help you decide on what-to-do-next.

What can you Ask using Ask a Question service?

Who should use Ask a Question service?

Ask a Question Service can be used by –
    • Anyone who has a query related to any of the above topics and is looking for correct unbiased answers.
    • Do it yourself investors – when you are in doubt and need help.
    • First time investors or savers – to understand and learn about next steps.

How to Engage us?

You can engage us by undertaking these simple steps –
    • Contact us via phone – 91-9515475381 or email – for better understanding of our services.
    • We shall fix an appointment at a mutually suitable time for next steps.

Price – Introductory Price of Rs. 999.

Key Terms and Conditions

Key terms and conditions for this service are –
    • Advisor to help customer via online mediums only.
    • One-time fee is INR 999/- (Rupees Nine hundred and ninety-nine) including taxes charged on a flat rate, per engagement.
    • Advisor to gather and analyse data concerning client’s query. Client will provide all necessary information to the advisor – to enable advisor understand and respond to the question.
    • In case the complete & correct answer requires additional services, Advisor is free to redirect client to undertake specialized services provided by third party vendors or by Tapto Prosperity.
    • Advisor to answer the question from financial perspective only.
    • Advisor to not be held responsible for lack of awareness about a particular product, service or feature while trying to answer client queries.
    • Advisor to not undertake complete review and\or evaluation exercise for existing investments made by the client. Client will need to undertake it themselves.
    • No Follow-up by client after 2 days of question resolution, will mean customer is satisfied with the solution provided.
    • In case client wants to continue with our services post Ask a Question, they will need to sign-up for financial planning service or any other service deemed suitable by Advisor for the client.
    • Advisor to always abide by the SEBI registered investment advisor’s code of ethics.