When one is embarking on a journey, it is important to start with a clear idea of what they are aiming for. In financial terms, one should define their goals clearly along with proper steps to meet them. Some of the most common goals for an individual or family are –

Using financial planning, one creates a financial plan which helps them clearly define their current starting point and future goals. It clearly defines appropriate steps to be taken to meet these future goals. When one’s goals are chalked out clearly in a financial plan, it helps in maintaining focus and work towards achieving them.

Financial planning is an iterative process which moves from wealth protection to creation and finally distribution. Graphically it looks something like this –

At the same time we should always remember – It is impossible to predict the future, however one should surely prepare for it. Commonly used tools for preparing a financial plan are –

Who should get financial planning done?

Everyone should get financial planning done for themselves and their family. Universal goal of financial planning is to create an ongoing process to identify your needs and build a nest egg to meet them. Thereby reducing stress about money. Finally, you don’t need to be wealthy to reap its benefits.

How to Engage us?

You can engage us by undertaking these simple steps –
    • Contact us via phone – 91-9515475381 or email – enquiry@taptoprosperity.com for better understanding of our services.
    • We shall fix an appointment at a mutually suitable time for next steps.

Price – Introductory Price of INR 9,999 + GST.

Key Terms and Conditions

Key terms and conditions for this service are –
    • Financial Planner to help customer via online mediums only.
    • Annual subscription fee is INR 9,999/- (Rupees Nine Thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine) plus taxes charged annually on a flat rate, per engagement.
    • Financial planning to be undertaken for an individual or family. A family constitutes of non-working parents, spouse, kids and non-working siblings. Separate financial plans need to be maintained in all other cases.
    • Financial Planner to help client design and construct an investment portfolio consistent with client’s financial constraints, objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and prevailing economic conditions.
    • Financial Planner to work with client to answer all their queries and gain acceptance before customer starts implementing the plan. Planner will not execute the financial plan.
    • Financial Planner to answer all customer queries over emails & phone.
    • Post implementation of financial plan, planner to conduct two reviews in fourth and eighth month of engagement. However, Additional reviews with planner can be requested for an additional fees.
    • Financial Planner to always abide by the SEBI registered investment advisor’s code of ethics.