In today’s marketplace, a well-maintained portfolio of financial assets is vital to any investor’s success. As an individual investor, one’s portfolio should meet their goals and give them peace of mind by taking risks only as per their risk profile. In other words,  Investors can construct portfolios aligned to their financial plans by following a systematic approach.

Portfolio review and verification services is an independent procedure used to check if one’s current portfolio fulfills its intended purpose of meeting their goals as time progresses. And any modifications made to their portfolio, accomplishes its intended purpose. Portfolio review can be performed on any of these types investment portfolios – mutual fund, stock investments, insurance, real estate investment or their combination. 

Portfolio review and verification will help you become more informed and make wiser investment decisions. As part of portfolio review we review your portfolio on following parameters –

Who should use portfolio review and verification service?

Portfolio review and verification service should be used by –
    • Any investor looking for an unbiased third party review of their existing portfolios.
    • Any Investors looking to optimize on commissions paid, brokerage costs, taxes, and returns on investments.
    • Do it yourself investors – to identify and plug gaps in their portfolios.

How to Engage us?

You can engage us by undertaking these simple steps –
    • Contact us via phone – 91-9515475381 or email – for better understanding of our services.
    • We shall fix an appointment at a mutually suitable time for next steps.

Price – Introductory Price of INR 9,999 + GST.

Key Terms and Conditions

Key terms and conditions for this service are –
    • Portfolio reviewer to help customer via online mediums only.
    • One-time non-refundable fee is INR 9,999/- (Rupees Nine Thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine) plus taxes charged on a flat rate, per engagement.
    • This is a one-time exercise. Client is free to ask for any advice or assistance within 30 days of completion of review over emails and phone.
    • Portfolio Review and Validation to be undertaken for an individual or family. A family constitutes of non-working parents, spouse, kids and non-working siblings. Separate reviews need to be maintained in all other cases.
    • Portfolio reviewer to review investments in only the following asset classes – insurance, debt, stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and real estate. The reviewer is free not to review any asset class not listed above.
    • Reviewer first understands current and future goals and then reviews existing investments by linking them to client’s goals. Reviewer may suggest modification to client goals or investment strategy on case to case basis based on the issue identified.
    • Reviewer to not undertake evaluation exercise for any real estate investments.
    • Reviewer to always abide by the SEBI registered investment advisor’s code of ethics.