Get unbiased, personalized, holistic financial advice for a flat fee.

Our story for setting TapTo Prosperity Advisors is –

At 24,  I started my professional journey as software engineer at Microsoft. My first experience with savings was buying an insurance policy from a neighbourhood insurance agent. Very soon, I was paying more than 30% of my in-hand salary as premium for various insurance policies.

Over a period of time, I realized my insurance policies were not providing me sufficient insurance cover and also not earning required returns. I was quite disillusioned and disappointed with my investment decisions.

From this point, I began my journey to learn more about insurance, stock markets, real-estate and mutual funds. However my family still did not allow me to make investments into mutual funds, stocks and land. It took me quite some time to make them agree to allow me to invest into them. From there on there was no looking back.

Over a period of 15 plus years, I was able to do the following –

      1. Build an emergency fund.
      2. Get proper insurance cover for the family.
      3. Build a stock portfolio from scratch by investing 10% of my earnings.
      4. Quit my job to undertake specialized Global Financial Management course from NSE Academy.
      5. Build and run automated trading system.
      6. Started

At Tapto Prosperity, we are interested in your long term financial prosperity and well-being. Thus, we enable you by providing factually correct information for a fee. We are not (at all) interested in selling you a financial product. Rather, we create financial plans, review existing portfolios and answer queries for you – based on your present socio-economic conditions and financial risk profile – to help you meet your goals. And highlight both positive and negative aspects of various investment options, to enable you make informed decisions about your money.